Reuse Coffee Grinds in Your Garden
By Emily Lewis

Coffee grounds are a wonderful slow-release fertilizer that can provide beneficial nutrients for your plants. Best of all, they're free and plentiful, if you're a frequent coffee consumer.  

Getting Started: 

  • Save used grinds. 
  • After you have about 32 to 48 ounces of grinds, sprinkle some around the base of your garden and mix it in with your existing soil. Water thoroughly. You can also mix in a small amount to indoor potted plants.

A Steady Supply:

  • Ask your local coffee shop if they have any used grinds they can give you.  Some shops even save them in prepackaged bags. 


  • Unfortunately, coffee grinds have not been scientifically confirmed to work as a pesticide, either to ward off slugs, ants or other garden pests.  


  • If you have a dog or cat, it might be best to thoroughly mix the coffee grinds with your existing soil, so that your pet will not try to eat the grinds (which could pose a health risk if eaten in large quantities).